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Getting to Aviv isn’t exactly a challenge, but on a cold, windy November day the trek from the L train is just far enough to be a bother. After exiting the Graham stop and heading east, you end up in a warehouse zone. Local attractions include International Trad Company (sic), rusty razor blades scattered on the sidewalk, the smell of paint thinner, a tiny Vietnamese restaurant, and herds of large, hungry cats I do not recommend trying to pet. “What neighborhood is this even?” I asked Stuart Solomon, one of the three organizers of Aviv, Brooklyn’s newest DIY venue that sits on a stretch of Morgan. “It’s actually Greenpoint,” he said. Read More




Gillian Margot is the rarest sort of singer – the kind that makes people sit up and listen. She has an exquisite voice, a disarmingly wide range and a style that is deeply rooted in the tradition of the great jazz vocalists, yet she possesses a gift of storytelling and emotionally intelligent lyrical delivery that is refreshingly free of “jazz singer” clichés. Trained as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and dancer, Ms. Margot feels equally at home in the musical worlds of jazz, R&B and pop, and delivers a stage presence and confidence honed through years of performing for audiences worldwide.(read more...)



This fantastic album produced by double Grammy winner, Paul Brown, features wonderful musicians who include Dave Koz, Paul Brown, Tracy Carter, Sinclair Lott, Tommy Kay, Mitchel Forman, Brian Bromberg and Roberto Vally. Read More


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Romance, Swing and the Blues
Pianist Marcus Roberts along with his trio members, Jason Marsalis (drums) and Rodney Jordan (bass), founded the Modern Jazz Generation in 2013 but its roots go back much further. This band is based on the principle of mentoring that was such a critical part of the evolution of jazz. Older jazz musicians have always worked with and mentored younger musicians on the stage.
Having an affinity for the bluer side of jazz that rocks as much as it swings, Billy tends the musical bar with playful and wise originals and standards. A smooth and smoky voice with a swingin’ jazz combo mixes a delicious melodic libation best served up or on the rocks. Read more...
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“Contemporary music continues to evolve and push the boundaries of conventional parameters. "Come Over"...the new project from Gina Kronstadt takes it a step further. The captivating energy of progressive vocals married with world-class musicians makes this entry a fresh addition to any collection. Gina's voice penetrates the lyrics and envelopes a soothing feeling the moment the sound emanates from your speakers. You feel the passion immediately. It's contemporary and progressive… Just what your ears and spirit need. Come over to the magic of this amazing music. It's a collection of songs that resonates beauty and splendor – extending those boundaries and relaxing your soul.”
~ Lawrence Tanter
Veteran Los Angeles On Air Radio Personality and Program Director
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'Furry Slippers' in the hallway


This recording offers a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation between two master improvisers. Included are well known compositions by Michel Legrand, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ray Noble and Billy Strayhorn, and three original works, one each by Mr. Smith and Mr. Colella, and one by the incomparable guitarist Larry Koonse.


"Wake Me When It's Over"

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“With the soul of a bon vivant and the spirit of a hipster, Basse scats with insouciance, reels you into ballads with a raconteur’s charm,” Read More...
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Killer B3 puts you in front, behind and inside the more than 425-pound keyboard often called the beast, the Hammond Organ. The Hammond Organ is like a pipe organ on steroids. You need the dexterity of an octopus to control its two keyboards, 36 drawbars, 25 foot pedals and its host of buttons and switches - all of which make it come alive. While there are many models of Hammond Organs, the Hammond B3 is the signature model. It spit out one of the most unique sounds used in all styles of music, including, gospel, jazz, blues, rock, country, reggae and commercial soundtracks.




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